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Nymphis Fae? Is that you? Man you sound young here.


You know...I wonder...if Sephiroth ever got too lonely and/or horny, did he fucked Jenova's head? It would be realy awesome...so Jenova is back and is like: 'You know, I did feel what you did to me.' and Sephi is like: '....................Buttseks?'

Same goes for Rufus on Advent Children, poor guy in a wheelchair...must be pretty depressing...dotdotdot...and what about the fuckin turks? Elena is the only female around, and they only dream about getting laid, poor bastards...Cloud is too emo for it, Barret would kill every kill with his huge dick, Vincent is a fuckin vampire and Cid is an old fuck. Tifa is a grade A hooker, Aeris is having a ball in hell..erm...lifestream..Yuffie can get a living out of showing off, lovely flat chest...

I wonder what Nanaki is doing?


Nice song, btw!

speedmetalmessiah responds:

You are one sick fuck...I like it.

Lovable :3

Would make a gr8 boss theme...no further bullshit required.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks man.


Why do I have a feeling this has something to do with South Park...naw..

Speedy as piss and still awesome! -A

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hey man, been a while since I've seen you online. How have you been?

Anyway, thanks for the review.


Unique riffs, goes well from calm to heavy to calm all the way. Cheers! =D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks man, the riffs are all sorohanro, I just recorded the solo.

A 'BIT' of suspense?

It makes me wanna run like hell! OMFG D=> I feel like a bomb is ticking behind me.


...I love mindcalmers. I....I do....I...I feel like sleeping. I feel like adding this to my favorites...I feel like giving a 5...I feel like listening to this all day...

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Haha, thanks Akitta.

Perfection at it's best!!!

Perfect songs need no critism...it's just too good! I..I,

DarKsidE555 responds:

Constructive Critism is always welcome dude but if you think it's all cool, then I won't argue with you! :)

Thanks for checking!

You know LAB?

Hehe...we got a real team now. This loop sounds like it's meant for an RPG townish...loop. XD. MERRY CHRISTMAS BTW! =D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yeah man, he sent me a message a while back asking for some loops. I really need to finish those up now that I think about it.

Mew. =D

My uncles fav Mettalica song. I'm not a big fan of it...but I just can't resist giving you a 5!!! =D

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Cool man, your uncle has good taste.


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