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Good job!

very good animation, n' style...may I dare say Devil May Cry?

As allways...

Awesome! I realy found no problem with it, other than the fact that it's 'Suitable For All Audiences'.

Allso, 2.2 megs...come on, punch up the quality.


needs moar swords. :3

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Simple and fun.

Doesn't need to change. It's good. =D

YAY for lvl 16...can't go any further. XD

Very good....

Looks like NG slowed down...It's still a demo...anyways, I'll be sure to come back and play it. =3

dawnland responds:

Thanks for your judgment!
As I say to the others - don't get your hopes up for a comleted game unless I get paied to do it, ha!


More like a movie....

I think this was more like a movie, then a game. Now lets see....graphics: amazingly well done....music: gothic....thats good...and of course Rams+ein, love it! Game play: kinda remembers me of Jungle Girl...kinda simple.

I think you should make it a bit more interactive, more enemies might be good, more actions (as in moves), more weapons, and you would get a realy good game.

I could help you out with weapons, if you like to....anyways, peace from Hungary.
Keep on makin this awesome sh*t!

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Nymphis Fae? Is that you? Man you sound young here.


You know...I wonder...if Sephiroth ever got too lonely and/or horny, did he fucked Jenova's head? It would be realy awesome...so Jenova is back and is like: 'You know, I did feel what you did to me.' and Sephi is like: '....................Buttseks?'

Same goes for Rufus on Advent Children, poor guy in a wheelchair...must be pretty depressing...dotdotdot...and what about the fuckin turks? Elena is the only female around, and they only dream about getting laid, poor bastards...Cloud is too emo for it, Barret would kill every kill with his huge dick, Vincent is a fuckin vampire and Cid is an old fuck. Tifa is a grade A hooker, Aeris is having a ball in hell..erm...lifestream..Yuffie can get a living out of showing off, lovely flat chest...

I wonder what Nanaki is doing?


Nice song, btw!

speedmetalmessiah responds:

You are one sick fuck...I like it.

Lovable :3

Would make a gr8 boss theme...no further bullshit required.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks man.


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